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The WMSCI philosophy is born out of the true Christian belief that, like the Good Samaritan, we respond to the needs of others before those of own. In the case of our assisted living facility this altruistic, spiritual approach is particularly directed towards older adults and their families. In serving them, we serve God. Christ taught us that our own families, our church families and our spiritual families are that which keeps us together in our relationships with each other and our desire to serve God. This then is the spirit that greets us all who come through the doors of WMSCI.

We believe that our elders should be both respected and cared for to the extent that they protected and cared for us when we were in need and as Christ now protects and cares for us all. To those that need assistance towards independence for as long as possible, we will do all that is possible to achieve this goal.

From the supporting Churches and other organizations, to the Winnipeg Mennonite Seniors Care Inc. Board, to the management, staff and volunteers at WMSCI, an attitude of servant leadership is practiced. We view our leadership in the planning and programming at WMSCI as acts of stewardship rather than ownership.
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